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All-Time Team will have a 3-4 defense

Since the vote on 3-4 vs. 4-3 seems overwhelming in favor of 3-4, we are going to make an adjustment to our Big Blue View All-Time Giants Team.

We will go 3-4, which means Keith Hamilton is going to be dropped and both Sam Huff and Harry Carson will make this team as middle linebackers. Carson, incidentally, was overwhelmingly beating Huff in our voting.

That seems to make sense to me. If it doesn't make sense to you, maybe you can still catch an audience with the Pope before he leaves the country. I try not to do it often, but in this case I am exercising my power as Supreme Ruler of the Big Blue View Galaxy.

We will move on to outside linebacker next. Since Lawrence Taylor is a no-brainer and should be a unanimous selection I am simply going to add him now. Within the next couple of days I will put up the poll with the selections for the second slot on the other side of LT.

[NOTE: I also did not run George's article Saturday as I was traveling. I probably won't run it next week, either, since Saturday will be in the middle of the draft. I will pick up with his series in a couple of weeks.]

Big Blue View All-Time Giants Team

Punter -- Sean Landeta
Placekicker -- Matt Bahr
Defensive End -- Michael Strahan
Defensive End -- Leonard Marshall
Defensive Tackle -- Roosevelt Grier
Middle Linebacker -- Harry Carson
Middle Linebacker -- Sam Huff
Outside Linebacker -- Lawrence Taylor