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If Shockey wants to whine, send him packing

There is a report in today's New York Daily News that Jeremy Shockey has been sounding off about his frustrations with his role on the Giants.

If the report is correct then all I have to say about the mouthy tight end is this -- Good Riddance! The Giants are defending Super Bowl champions, which they accomplished without Shockey. The last thing they need is him starting up his whining about not getting the ball enough.

Here is what the Daily News said.

The brash tight end, who missed the Giants' championship run with a broken leg, has been sounding off for more than a month about his frustrations with the Giants, according to NFL sources. And he has told friends he would welcome a trade to the New Orleans Saints, who made an offer for him last month.

With Shockey coming off a broken leg and yet to play a full, 16-game season, most team sources don't believe the bidding will get high enough for the Giants to seriously consider a deal. Meanwhile, Shockey remains in Miami where he works out every offseason, telling friends he is upset with everything from his role in the offense to his contract to the perception that the Giants' season turned around when he went down. And he is worried that if he returns and things go wrong for the team next season, he will get most of the blame.

I love Shockey's talent and how hard he plays. Admittedly, I have also said at times that the Giants don't get him the ball enough.

But, if he didn't figure out while watching the Giants win a Super Bowl without him that the team does not revolve around him then the Giants don't need the distraction he will inevitably create.

If GM Jerry Reese gets a decent offer, I say send him packing.

If he returns, the first time he opens his mouth Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning needs to shut him up.

This team belongs to Eli and to Tom Coughlin. If Shockey hasn't figured that out then he needs to be somewhere else.

[NOTE: I will be back on Monday, when I will begin a barrage of NFL Draft coverage. Hopefully, I'll be supplying several posts a day leading up to the draft.]