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Reese: Shockey is our tight end ... today

File this in the "where there's smoke, there's fire" department.

Giants' GM Jerry Reese is not denying that the Giants could trade Jeremy Shockey.

From the Star-Ledger's Mike Garafolo.

"Right now, all I can say on Jeremy Shockey is he's our starting tight end," Reese said. "There's always a lot of chatter going on during this time of the year. There's nothing else to write about ... so that's giving you something to write about. Right now, Jeremy is our starting tight end and that's really my stance on it."

The only things Reese would confirm for sure were:

1. There have been trade talks.

2. The Giants didn't start them; they only listened. And likely countered.

"Anything can happen with personnel," Reese said. "But right now, Jeremy Shockey is our starting tight end and we're looking forward to him being back on the field for us this fall."

That sounds an awful lot to me like Reese is perfectly willing to move Shockey if he gets an offer he likes.