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Checking in while checking out the ocean

Yeah, yeah. I know, I'm on vacation. But, I missed you guys so I had to check in.

Besides, a guy is entitled to write while looking out at the ocean, isn't he?

Anyway, what prompted me to post is Mike Garafolo's post today about the Giants bringing in potential draft picks.

Go ahead and read all that stuff if you want. I'm sure Garafolo will have several similar posts between now and draft day. It doesn't mean a thing, though.

It's smokescreen time in offices around the NFL. Nobody wants to give clues on the players they are really targeting. As Garafolo points out, The Giants never invited Aaron Ross for a visit before drafting him No. 1 last year.

So, keep an eye on who visits. But, don't get all worked up about it. You might really want to keep a mental checklist of who doesn't visit.

Anyway, back to vacation.