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The best sixth round ever

I mentioned yesterday that the Giants now have three selections in the sixth round of the upcoming draft.

Well, in searching around for draft information I came across the perfect illustration of why this could be such a great thing. has a look at the 2000 sixth round, which it calls the 'Best Sixth Round Ever.'

Look at some of the selections in that round, and it's hard to argue.

• Tom Brady, Patriots -- All by himself, Brady could probably make this the best sixth round in history. But, he's hardly alone.

Here are some of the other players selected in that round.

• Adalius Thomas, Ravens
• Mike Anderson, Broncos
• Marc Bulger, Rams
• Neil Rackers, Cardinals

We can't expect Giants GM Jerry Reese to go 8-for-8 with his selections as he did last season. With three shots at it, though, I have faith that Reese will find at least one impact player in that round.