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Giants will have three sixth-round picks

Per Ralph Vacchiano's Blue Screen blog, the Giants have been granted an extra "compensatory" draft pick in the sixth round of this year's draft.

That gives the Giants three sixth-round picks (28th, 32nd and 33rd in that round). One of those came from the Ryan Grant trade.

Let's see if GM Jerry Reese can use these picks to work his late-round magic again this year.

I always maintain that it is the ability to find impact players in late rounds that can make a draft special, and Reese proved that last year.

You will recall that Kevin Boss was a fifth-round choice, and both Ahmad Bradshaw and Michael Johnson were taken in the seventh round.

We can only hope the sixth round is that kind to the Giants this time around.

Oh, and don't ask me to explain the compensatory picks. I can't. Go read Vacchiano or Mike Garafolo if you need to know more about how that works.