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Timeline of a championship season

Starting to lose that warm, fuzzy Super Bowl championship glow? Pissed at Gibril Wilson, Kawika Mitchell and Reggie Torbor? Spending too much time wondering what Jerry Reese will do in the upcoming draft?

Well, I'm here for ya, Big Blue View Nation. Here's 3/6/08 */ google_ad_slot = "1 a little help recapturing that magical Super Bowl feeling.

Golfing buddy Bryan, who doubles as 'Greek' for BBV, stumbled across this amazingly comprehensive synopsis of the Giants' season, from off-season questions to Super Bowl glory.

Looking back on how things played out, here are a couple of my favorite tidbits from this piece.

Prior to the season

Clearly, This is a Giant Mistake: Somehow, after a 25-25 record over three seasons, after two first-round playoff losses, after all the dysfunction and discontent and discipline problems on the field and off, all his team's talking the talk and then limping the limp, Coughlin starts talking to his owners about his plan to get to his first Super Bowl and the owners hyperventilate and decide that stability is far more important than mediocrity. Somehow, they extend the coach's contract one more year in the Big Blue belief that his vision of a better tomorrow is a lot less blurry than it turned out to be this season.
-- Source: Steve Serby, New York Post

Before the Super Bowl

There is just no way Eli Manning can beat Tom Brady in the biggest game in the history franchise. There is just no way Tom Coughlin can out coach Bill Belichick. There is just no way NY can beat Boston in anything anymore. The bottom-line is that the Pats are going to stomp on the Giants dick and there is nothing anybody can say or do to change that. In fact I'm so confident in a Pats victory that I already pre ordered thousands of dynasty shirts.
-- Source: Barstool Sports

Patriots' reaction after the game.

Ellis Hobbs: "You set high expectations, but then you go down, and you're 18-1, and that's one big zit. It's one big blemish. We choked. We choked at the end."
-- Source: Boston Globe

This is an amazing read. If you have the time you can get lost in it for hours. Unless you are 'jrs1940' that is. Our pal 'jrs' might not come up for air for days.