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All of a sudden, a flurry of news

Out of nowhere, Sunday became a big news day for the Giants.

Pro Football Talk reported that Chris Snee wants a new contract and may skip the "voluntary" workouts that begin today.

Boy, if he does decide to pass on the workouts that sure will be a fun story. Remember, Snee is coach Tom Coughlin's son-in-law.

You have to wonder which side the coach would be on. As coach, of course, he wants Snee at the workouts. On the other hand, a raise for Snee sure would help out TC's daughter and his two grandsons.

All I know for sure is that a Snee contract dispute would make for some lively Coughlin family discussions around the old dinner table.

Another bit of news reported by both PFT and by Ralph Vacchiano in his Blue Screen blog is that Osi Umenyiora might hold out looking for a new contract.

From Vacchiano.

"A lot of people who know him are absolutely convinced he's going to holdout from training camp this summer if he doesn't get a new contract. In fact, someone who talked to him recently told me 'I guarantee you he's not coming to camp.' "

I've been afraid of this, with the Umenyiora having made the Pro Bowl and the Giants being defending Super Bowl champs. But, Osi has 5 years left on his contract. I don't see how he wins this fight.

From PFT.

Umenyiora has five years left on his most recent deal. Five years. He has no leverage on this one, unless he plans to owe the team bonus money and/or fines and, ultimately, give up game checks.

All the while, the Giants will continue to hold his rights for five more years.

Surely, the Giants won't cave on this one. If they do, what's the point in signing players to long-term deals?

Keep an eye on this one, though. If Osi really wants a raise, it might get ugly.

Here's a rumor, again from the very busy Mike Florio at PFT, that Tiki Barber is being slapped down by NBC.

Per Florio, it seems that Barber might be getting removed from the Today show.

If that turns out to the case, will anybody except his brother, Ronde, feel bad for him? I know I won't.