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Pacman, Cowboys a perfect marriage

Have the Dallas Cowboys offered Tennessee a player along with a 7th-round draft choice for Adam "Pacman" Jones? That seems to depend on who you ask.

Blogging the Boys has a great breakdown of the Cowboys' apparent pursuit of the troubled former Tennessee star.

Pacman apparently wants to be a Cowboy, and Dallas seems to be at the top of the list of potential destinations for Jones -- provided of course that Roger Goodell lets Pacman back in the league.

All I can is good luck controlling THAT locker room, Wade Phillips! Add Jones to Terrell "Crybaby" Owens, Tony "Mr. Simpson" Romo, Tank Johnson and some of the other personalities in that locker room and Phillips will have no chance.

There are also rumors that owner Jerry Jones is interested in enigmatic Cincinnati wide receiver Chad Johnson. Yikes!

Personally, as a Giants' fan, it wouldn't bother me at all to see the Cowboys bring in all these guys. With the loss of various coaches and front office personnel, Jason Garrett waiting in the wings to replace Phillips and Jerry Jones star-gazing I think Dallas is a team on the brink of imploding.

Bringing in all these volatile personalities can only hasten the implosion. I'm all for it.