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The Rodney Dangerfield of Super Bowl champs

In a diary entry Tuesday, 'SBaker' points out that Yahoo! Sports did not show your defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants much respect in its first set of 2008 pre-season rankings.

Yahoo's Charles Robinson (who is he, anyway?) has the Giants ranked seventh -- with Indianapolis, New England, Dallas, San Diego, Jacksonsville and Cleveland (you freakin' have to be kidding me) ranked above New York.

Umm, Mr. Robinson, can I please get some of whatever you have been smoking? Are you serious, with Dallas, San Diego, Jacksonville and Cleveland (Cleveland, for chrissakes!) ahead of the Super Bowl champs?

Here is what this yahoo said about the Giants.

Giants fans seem to think last season's Super Bowl win translates into automatic success in 2008. But the division is still brutal, and some players tend to slack off the year after getting a ring. Don't be surprised if turmoil returns again with a slow start.

Ahh, Mr. Robinson, what Giants fans have you been talking to? And Turmoil Tiki is not coming back, so forget that.

We get the fact that success one season doesn't mean automatic success the next. If you really knew anything about Giants' fans in the first place, you would know we are largely a skeptical lot -- often expecting the worst.

That attitude, of course, makes unexpected success like last season's even sweeter.

We get the fact that we should not EXPECT another Super Bowl championship. Hell, we didn't expect this one.

But, cmon! Cleveland? What have the Browns done to deserve being ranked ahead of the Giants? Jacksonville? The Jags are good, but what have they done to show they can win when it counts? San Diego? Dallas? Those two teams have the superstars, but the Giants have the ring.

Giants' fans, I think we had better get used to this kind of put down.

Nobody beleived the Giants were capable of the kind of run they went on during last season's playoffs. Defending Super Bowl champs or not, you are still going to hear expert after expert tell you why they think the Giants are still not a truly upper echelon team.

You might as well resign yourself to it. The Giants are the Rodney Dangerfield of Super Bowl champs. They still get no respect.