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King: Shockey to Saints not dead

Maybe he is just trying to stir up off-season intrigue, but's Peter King believes the Jeremy Shockey to the New Orleans Saints talks aren't dead.

From King's Monday Morning Quarterback column today.

I think, Giant beat writers, you might sniff around this one: New Orleans is not through trying to acquire Jeremy Shockey.

I'm not making too much of this rumor. It seems that the Saints would like Shockey, and they probably will continue asking right up through Draft Day.

I doubt, though, that General Manager Jerry Reese intends to let Shockey go. Previous reports indicated that the Giants wanted at least a No. 1 pick, or a No. 2 and a starting type player for Shockey.

I see no reason why that would have changed. I also see no reason why New Orleans would give up that much for a guy coming off a broken leg.

I really don't care what King says. The Saints can sniff around all they want, but I still believe Shockey will be a Giant next season.

Your thoughts?