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In this draft, Kenny Phillips would be a Giant

The folks at put together a mock draft using team bloggers from all around the great Inter-Google.

I was honored to be asked to make the first-round selection for the Giants, and my turn on the clock came up Easter Sunday.

My choice was ... Kenny Phillips, S, Miami.

This first round mock actually broke perfectly for the Giants. Phillips, the best safety in the draft, was obviously still on the board when my turn came. In addition, the two linebackers who seem to be the most likely targets for the Giants in the first round -- Dan Connor (Penn State) and Jerod Mayo (Tennessee) -- were also both on the board.

I would think that, should the real first round play out this way next month, Giants' General Manager Jerry Reese will feel like he hit the jackpot. I know I felt like there was no wrong choice to make here.

For me, it really came down to Phillips and Connor, both prototype players at their positions, and both from schools known for producing stars at those positions.

I chose Phillips simply because I feel the Giants' immediate need at safety is greater than their need at linebacker.

Here is what I said at Sport Projections.

My choice here is Phillips. The Giants have only veteran Sammy Knight, adequate at best James Butler, and the still developing Michael Johnson at safety. They need a big-time playmaking safety, and Phillips is the best one in this draft.

Phillips comes from a school with a reputation for producing outstanding safeties -- see Bennie Blades, Ed Reed, Sean Taylor and Brandon Meriweather. He should be the next in line, and is a perfect fit for what the Giants need.

If Phillips turns into a player in the class of the guys mentioned above, he sure would look nice patrolling the secondary for the Giants for the next few years.

Stop by Sport Projections and see how the whole draft played out. Then stop back and share your thoughts.