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Remember, don't rush to judgment

As we begin to focus in earnest on the upcoming NFL Draft, I thought it might be insightful to look back at the Giants' 2007 draft one last time.

I'm not looking so much to grade the draft -- we know General Manager Jerry Reese went 8-for-8 in his first draft, with all of his selections making the team that ultimately won the Super Bowl. Many of those draft choices, we now know, became key contributors.

I'm looking more at what the "experts" said immediately after the draft.

That look back reveals that immediately after the draft was completed, no one was impressed by what Reese had done.

Here's a sample of what was written.

Mel Kiper, ESPN

I would have gone differently with the Giants' draft. Cornerback Aaron Ross has very good ball skills but not great catchup speed. I was surprised they didn't take left tackle Joe Staley because they need someone who can protect Eli Manning's blind side. ... If they had taken Staley, they could have drafted Eric Wright from UNLV instead of WR Steve Smith.

Yahoo! Sports

The real puzzlement of this draft was waiting four rounds to go after a linebacker, and then using that pick on Zak DeOssie, who could take several years to develop into starting material. The Giants need help at that position now, if not sooner.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sportsline

I like the first two picks in Aaron Ross and Smith. The rest wasn't real exciting.

Here is what I had to say.

You can't really judge a draft class until you have seen the players on the field for a couple of seasons. However, at first blush, Reese appears to have done very well in his first draft.

I don't bring that up to pat myself on the back, though I was more optimistic about Reese's selections than many of the "experts" who supposedly know so much more than a little 'ole blogger like me.

I bring this whole topic up as a precaution. Try not to rush to judgment as soon as a pick is made, whether you love it or hate it.

Let the players taken get on the field and see what happens. That worked out pretty well last season.