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New Giants' linebacker plans on starting

Ever since the Giants announced his signing last week, David Carr seems to be the focus of most of the Giants-related discussion.

Hardly anybody has been talking about Danny Clark, the free-agent linebacker who signed the same day. It is Clark, though, who figures to see the field a lot more often than Carr.

Clark, on Sirius Radio with Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News Sunday morning, made it clear that he intends to earn a starting spot.

"I am a starter," Clark, 30 said. "I am a starter in this league and I come to the Giants expecting to win a starting spot. There's a starting spot that Kawika Mitchell left open as a weak-side linebacker. Gerris Wilkinson is a guy that's been in the organization for a while and is the next in line, so to speak. In my opinion, my confidence - and you know, it's not a cockiness, it's a confidence - I'm expecting to go to win that spot."

Here is the audio of the interview in its entirety.

At first blush, you could read those comments and think Clark, a journeyman linebacker, sounds awfully cocky for a guy coming to a Super Bowl winning team.

Listen, though, and he doesn't come off that way at all. He just sounds like a guy who is excited to be with the Giants and who believes that, once the players get on the field, he has the talent to earn his way into the lineup.

I don't have any problem with that.