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Everybody is picking on David Carr

As a 'serious' Giants' blogger I have tried to be nice and not pick on poor David Carr, the team's new backup quarterback.

But, everyone else is having so much fun picking on Carr's miserable career, the number of hits he has taken, his quote comparing himself to a carpenter and his really, really uncool white gloves that I have to join the fray.

If you missed it, our own 'jrs1940' jumped in with this gem in the comments the day Carr signed.

David: "well, the Giants seem like a fine organization, what about the offensive line?"

Jerry: "We have a great offensive line, Eli only got sacked 27 times"

David: "In one game right?"

Jerry: "No Dave, thats ALL SEASON"

David: "Wow...has Eli ever been hurt?"

Jerry: "A little dinged, but he's never missed a start"

David: "Wow. So, basically I get to stand on the sidelines all season, hold the clipboard for a QB who is durable and nobody is going to sack me?"

Jerry: "Basically, yes"

David: "And you are going to pay me for this?"

Jerry: "That's the idea Dave yes"

David: "27 sacks all YEAR?"

Jerry: "All year Dave"

David: "You sure you want to pay me? Because I gotta tell ya, I would take this job just for the traveling and meal money"

Jerry: "We were thinking 1 year, 1 million"

David: "I love you"

Following on much the same theme, The Big Lead poked fun at Carr this way.

Carr: "One of the reasons I'm excited about coming here is they protect the quarterback well and they have playmakers on the outside."

Some people might think Carr meant, "I'm coming to New York because the offensive line is too good to let Eli get hurt and they have good players around him to make sure he doesn't look bad. There's no way I'm going to have to play!"

Stephanie Stradley, who writes about Carr's first team, the Texans, for AOL Fanhouse, didn't hide her disdain for the Giants new backup QB.

Carr is the perfect illustration off how a quarterback who can't read defenses, has terrible pocket presence, holds onto the ball too long and has a wonky throwing delivery will make offensive lines look much worse than they are.

The year 2007 demonstrates why David Carr is not a very good quarterback. When he moved to the Panthers, Carr gushed about how much talent was on that team compared to his old team, and how much better the line was for the Panthers. Sound familiar?

Over the course of that season with the Panthers, Carr ended up getting some starts after Jake Delhomme went down to injury. His stat line? He managed 3 touchdown passes, 5 interceptions, 13 sacks and a passer rating of 58.3 in 6 games. He was benched in favor of an ancient Vinny Testaverde who played better than Carr, despite not having camp with the team, coming out of semi-retirement, and not even knowing the names of the players on the team. Even little known backup Matt Moore got on the field over Carr. Panther fans rejoiced when Carr was cut.

The Texans in 2007 were liberated once the reign of Carr ended. In one of those little known facts, the Carr-less Houston Texans last year only allowed 22 sacks. (27th in the league). With basically the same line and personnel, the Texans were actually able to throw the ball down the field too. Highest passing totals matched with lowest sacks in their history.

So in other words, most sensible Giant fans know that if Manning gets hurt, you are going to be hating life anyway. But if someone tries to sell you that Carr will look better once he is finally on a better team, well, that is a freaking joke and is evidence of someone who hasn't seen much of Carr's play.


After all of that I have just one thing to say. Eli, stay upright. Please!