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'Mr. Reese, this is Washington calling'

Uncle Sam needs Jerry Reese!

The last estimate I saw shows the U.S. government's debt at $9.2 trillion and climbing rapidly.

As much as we would like to have faith in our government, we know piles and piles of that money are being spent stupidly.

Enter Reese, the Giants' spend-thrift of a general manager.

When Reese is ready to write a book, I've got the title already selected. Oh, and Jerry, I'm available to ghost-write since I know you probably won't want to pay for some hotshot like Peter King or John Clayton to help you out.

Back to that book title. Jerry's book should be called "How to Win Championships AND Stay Under Budget."

In his second season as Giants' GM, Reese has shown a magic touch in manipulating the Giants salary cap and roster that would make Harry Houdini blush.

He continued that run this week with the low-budget signings of quarterback David Carr and linebacker Danny Clark, both of whom add depth to the Giants' championship roster.

Let's see, here are a few potential chapters for Reese's book.

Chapter 1: Shop for Bargains

This chapter could also be titled 'Don't buy the $1 million hammer when the $7.99 one will do the job.' Example #1: Signing the badly dented, but possibly still useful Carr for one-year, $1 million. Letting someone else pay $8.9 for the same work to a guy even more beaten up and broken down.

Example #2: Kawika Mitchell, Reggie Torbor, Gibril Wilson. All three are examples of getting good work from players, then simply moving on and trusting your instincts to replace them when they want more than you are willing to pay.

Chapter 2: One man's Garbage is another man's Gold

This chapter could also be titled 'Remember, many of your colleagues are incredibly wasteful.'

Comb through the wreckage of what others toss out like stale bread and you find useful parts like Madison Hedgecock, Domenic Hixon and Dave Tollefson.

How does that translate to Washington? Well, not everything has to be shiny, new and freshly out of the box to be useful. This also helps you stay under budget.

Chapter 3: Get it right the first time

This chapter could also be titled 'It costs money to fix your mistakes.'

All eight of Reese's draft picks last year made the 2007 Giants roster, and many of them contributed heavily toward the Giants' Super Bowl run.

The lesson for Washington? Hire good people the first time around and you won't spend so much time and money fixing their screw-ups.

Conclusion: There is much more of this story to be written. After all, Reese's career is just getting started. Besides, I can't give away the whole book right here.

You get the idea, though. Reese knows how to handle a budget, and he knows how to squeeze the most possible production of the resources he has available. As Giants fans have become fond of saying, "In Reese We Trust."

Are you listening, Barack? Hillary? Mr. McCain? You want to fix the budget and get things running smoothly again? The guy you need has an office at the Meadowlands in East Rutherford.

Look him up. He could teach you a lot.