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'Giants Girl' talks a little football

OK, gang here we go. I promised you a Q&A with gorgeous 'Giants Girl' Reby Sky, and here it is.

Big Blue View: How did this whole 'NY Giants Girl' thing come about? Have you gotten any attention from the team itself for it?

Reby: The site itself is very new to the Web (only a few months old), although the idea came to me about 2 seasons ago ... I figured my friends weren't the only people who would enjoy my personal collection of Giants pics and decided it was time to share them w/other big blue fans !

I haven't had direct communications w/any of the Giants yet, although I recently contributed to an interview w/TE Kevin Boss ( & have shared pages of newspapers and magazines w/other Giants like Eli Manning and Fred Robbins - So I think they know who I am. (hopefully!)

BBV: How did you become a Giants' fan?

Reby: Um ... I was born in New York? ;-) Well, technically I could have been either a Giants or Jets fan, but I guess I always just felt drawn to the GMEN, even when I was tiny, which is weird, because the rest of my family either doesn't care for football, or root for the Cowboys. (EW!)

I remember being the only girl in my class in elementary school into football, and I rocked my Giants jacket during recess every day.

BBV: You look great in the Eli jersey. Who is your favorite current Giant? Favorite all-time Giant?

Reby: Manning!!! Although I'm really loving Plaxico right about now. All-time favorite would have to be Taylor.

BBV: I have to get away from the Giants for a second and ask about Playboy. Can you describe the whole experience of posing for the magazine? And, umm, any chance you might do it again?

Reby: Yes, I will absolutely do it again! The whole experience is very sexy and exciting and even somewhat nerve wracking, especially knowing as it's happening that millions of people will be seeing you ... naked !

It's hard not to have a goofy grin on my face while I'm shooting, knowing that !

BBV: Did you think the Giants had any chance to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl? Why, in the end, do you think they pulled off the upset?

Reby: Yes, of course! I LIVE for this stuff! I believe they pulled it off due to 2 reasons - The Pats got cocky and were probably mentally exhausted from the stress of the season ... and because we wanted it more! We fought hard and worked together without the air of arrogance that the Pats carried, which I think was part of their downfall. It pays to be the underdog, the drive to win is intense!

BBV: You said you've been visiting Big Blue View 'for a while now.' That's very cool. I know I'm fishing for compliments, but what do you like about the site?

Reby: Your site is really easy to navigate - I don't have to fish around for information or bother with a bunch of other meaningless information about other teams; I like to just log on, check out the main page and be graced w/all the fantastic Giants updates - Great job, you guys! :-)

BBV: Back to the Super Bowl for a second. Did you get to attend the game?

Reby: NO ... Although I did the next best thing, and headed back home to New York, where I hosted my own Super Bowl party in Brooklyn. I'm glad that I at least got to catch the parade in NYC, that was electric!!! There's nothing I love more than a mob of Giants fans, it always puts a smile on my face!

BBV: Serious football question. Can the Giants win it all again next season?

Reby: I hope so, because they'd be right in my new hood, Tampa, FL !

I do believe we can do it again - they never had to prove anything to the real fans, but the New York Football Giants have indeed proven it to the rest of the world that they have what it takes to be legends ... and kick everyone's butt ! We're all ready for next season! I'll be holding my breath until draft day...

Thanks for the time -- and the pictures -- Reby! Be sure to check out the for much more about Reby and her passion for Big Blue.