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Barber is still blabbing about the Giants

Why can't Tiki Barber just go away once and for all and leave the Giants alone?

It seems that Blabber, with a huge assist from William C. Rhoden of the New York Times, is claiming some credit for helping the Giants win Super Bowl XLII.

"I feel great joy for them because I know in a lot of ways I helped a lot of guys on that team," Blabber told Rhoden.

Blabber, who of course was famously critical of eventual Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, is now also trying to take some of the credit for Eli's transformation.

"In this case, it (the criticism) made him stand up and I guess become aware," Blabber told Rhoden.

Rhoden, a veteran writer who should know better, falls all over himself agreeing and trying to give Blabber undeserved credit.

Retiring star players often set the foundation for future success. In Barber's case, his criticism of Coach Tom Coughlin and of Manning might have paid dividends this season. You can argue that Barber's tactics became too public. But often, the only way to bring about change is to confront -- sometimes embarrass -- authority. Barber laid the foundation for what happened this season, from taking on Coughlin, to challenging Manning to step up, to tutoring Brandon Jacobs.

I agree with Pro Football Talk, which reminds that nothing Blabber ever does or says is done with the purpose of helping anyone but himself.

It's important to remember that he didn't do what he did to help the team win. Every action he took and word that he spoke was an act of selfishness, and the fact that it had a positive effect on the team was coincidental, and ironic.

What's not ironic is Barber's decision to turn the attention back to himself. That's his normal approach, and he's happy for the spotlight, even when being in it by all rights should be an embarrassment.

Well said.