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The latest on Spagnuolo's status

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Several of you have already pointed it out in the comments, but Spagnuolo is no longer a candidate for the Redskins' job. ESPN says Spags will get a three-year deal from the Giants at $2 million per year. Hooray!]

The big news to follow right now for your Super Bowl champion New York Giants (I love writing those words) is, of course, whether or not defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo will end up as head coach of the Washington Redskins.

Newsday reports that while Spagnuolo and Redskins' owner Daniel Snyder met all day Tuesday the Giants have made Spagnuolo an offer that would place him among the highest-paid coordinators in the league.

The New York Daily News adds that the one thing the Giants will not do to keep Spagnuolo is promise him that he would be Coughlin's successor as Giants' head coach when the time comes.

The New York Post adds that should Spagnuolo decide to leave there are candidates to replace him on the current Giants' coaching staff.

When this whole process started, I expected Spags to get his interview but then return to New York and watch as the Redskins named Jim Fassel head coach.

I'm still hoping for that, but the longer Spags stays in Washington talking to Snyder the more I'm beginning to wonder.