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Warning, self-promotion! Listen up, Yankees' fans

Fresh off leading the Giants to a Super Bowl XLII victory -- yes, I'm taking credit since the win happened in Big Blue View's inaugural year -- I'm starting a new venture.

I will be writing daily about the New York Yankees -- the only team I love even more than the Giants -- for Bugs & Cranks, a quality baseball blog.

I know many of you are Yankees' fans, and I hope you'll come by Bugs & Cranks when you aren't here reading about our Super Bowl champion Giants. I am aiming to build the same type of thoughtful, enjoyable community at that site that we have created here.

I know there are a plethora of places to get Yankees' news and discuss what is going on, including SB Nation's own Pinstripe Alley.

I also promise you guys that the Yankees gig will not compromise the day-to-day Giants' stuff I bring you. I will still be here.

So, when you are ready to start talking baseball come on over to Bugs & Cranks. I'll be waiting.

Hopefully, I'll bring the same kind of first-year luck to the Yankees that I brought to the Giants.