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Best Super Bowl ever?

Was the Giants' 17-14 victory over New England Sunday the best Super Bowl ever played?

Sports Illustrated's Paul Zimmerman, Dr. Z, thinks so.

Here is some of his reasoning.

There was brilliance on both sides of the ball on Super Sunday. My MVP vote would have gone to... sorry, Giant fans... the Patriots' Wes Welker. For a while it seemed as if he were the only weapon they had going for them. The Giants took a deep breath and won with their pass rush, a feat that at one time seemed impossible against such an impregnable fortress. There was suffering at the end of this game, too. ... endurance, ability to keep going.

Unbelievable plays made by unlikely people. David Tyree, a fourth receiver, a special teamer, making one of the great catches in the history of the Super Bowl. ...

For me the game had everything, courage, incredible effort, sustained level of pressure by the Giant defense. Football doesn't get much better.

It has to be the greatest football game I have ever witnessed, with the Giants' 'wide right' Super Bowl victory second.

Your thoughts?