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OK, gang, now get back to work

OK, admit it. If you didn't go to the Giants' victory parade today you certainly didn't get much work done while you were watching the video stream from one of the many available sources.

I didn't watch the whole thing. Work and a crappy Internet connection discouraged me, but I did watch for a while and it was thoroughly enjoyable. The Giants, I don't believe, have ever gone down the Canyon of Heroes before, and it was a raucous, fun celebration.

Super Bowl champions! I am still in disbelief.

You had to know David Letterman would get in on the act when it comes to picking on the New England Patriots.

Here is Letterman's list of the Top 10 Patriot excuses.

Our very own 'jrs1940' passes along this musical tribute to the Giants. It's not exactly Ryan Parker quality, but it's easy on the eyes.

We all have had our doubts about Eli Manning over the years. I've written many times that the draft-day trade for him was a bad idea. Now, we've all been proven wrong. One person who always believed is Ernie Accorsi, the GM who made the trade.

Along with Manning, Tom Coughlin has had his share of doubters for several seasons. Both now get the last laugh.