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Gibril going, going ... gone?

Giants' fans don't want to hear this, but ... the Star-Ledger's Mike Garafolo seems to think there is a good chance the team will lose Gibril Wilson.

From Garafolo:

Wilson is looking is looking for a contract that will pay in the $5 mil per year range. The Giants, much as they'd like to have him back, aren't going to match that number. To them, that would be overpaying a guy who's a decent safety but not one of the elite. (Not that Wilson is asking for a Bob Sanders-like, $7 mil-plus per year deal, but still his expectations are up there.)

This means the Eagles and Jags -- and likely a few other teams -- are officially licking their chops to get a crack at Wilson, who could easily take a short drive down to Philly and step right into a defense that is very similar to the Giants' scheme.

Garafolo seems to think that the Giants need to get Wilson's signature on a contract before free agency starts or face the prospect of having to replace him.

Yikes! I'm sure that isn't the way GM Jerry Reese wants to start his off-season.