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Will Giants say goodbye to Droughns, McQuarters?

The NFL free agency period begins Friday at midnight. That means, of course, GM Jerry Reese will not only be scouring the league for players who could upgrade his roster, but will be letting go of some players as well.

Running down the players currently on the Giants' roster, here are guys I think will be let go.

Adrian Awasom, DE -- He was on IR this season, and pretty much sealed his fate by getting arrested during Super Bowl week.

Russell Davis, DT -- The veteran received very limited playing time and is easily replaceable.

Robert Douglas, FB -- With Madison Hedgecoack signed for four more years there is no place for Douglas to play.

Reuben Droughns, RB -- The veteran running back was a good soldier for the Giants in 2007, never complaining about his limited role. But, with Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw and Derrick Ward there is really no reason to keep Droughns.

William Joseph -- The former No. 1 pick spent the season on IR. I can't imagine that Joseph, a total bust, will ever wear a Giants uniform again.

Ryan Kuehl -- Veteran long-snapper spent the year on IR. The Giants got through the season without using a roster spot on a pure snapper, and I can't see keeping Kuehl around next season.

RW McQuarters -- The veteran cornerback/punt returner is due more than $4 million if the Giants keep him. No way he ever sees that money.