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Will he or won't he? Michael doesn't know yet

Will Michael Strahan play in 2008 or won't he?

That's a question I am sure we will read and hear a lot about in the next several months. As of today, I don't think Strahan knows for sure what the answer is going to be.

One good thing for the Giants, though, is that Strahan says he won't keep the Giants waiting for his decision like he did last season.

Strahan recently spoke about his decision with Barry Wilner of the Associated Press. Here is part of that story.

Last summer, it appeared Strahan might not be a part of anything with the Giants. He sat out training camp while mulling retirement. He says it was not a money ploy, simply uncertainty whether he still had the desire to play.

He'll go through the same process this year, but promises his decision won't take anywhere near so long. After a vacation in March, Strahan said he will weigh his options and most likely let the team know by mid-April, before the NFL draft, if he is coming back.

"I have to find out I want to do it. If I do, then I will do it," he said of returning to the only pro team's he's suited up with. "I don't want to be a used-to-be or a has-been."

Strahan is obviously still a terrific player. He had 9 sacks and 57 tackles in 2007, his 15th NFL season.

Giants' onwership has tried to entice Strahan by indicating they might be willing to work out a new contract with him.

Let's hope they get it done.

The Giants have enough talent at defensive end to survive without him. They are a better team with him, however.