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Have draft questions? Ask an expert

I know many of you GM wannabe's spend way too many hours obsessing about the NFL Draft. So, today I'm offering you guys a unique opportunity.

Here is a chance for you to ask SB Nation's draft expert some of your own questions.

Matt Miller runs the SB Nation draft blog, called Mocking the Draft.

Matt is the owner of New Era Scouting and has been in the business of scouting football players since 1997.

He has agreed to take some questions from Big Blue View Nation. Use this thread to ask Matt your draft question (yes, cj, you can ask about Joe Flacco!).

I will pick the best 10-12 questions, send them to Matt and post his answers in Q&A format.

Please try to keep the questions Giants-related. Ask non-Giants questions if you need to, however, if I have to choose between questions to forward to Matt I will give more weight to questions involving Big Blue.

I will give you guys two or three days to come up with questions. Have at it, Giants' fans!