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Reese says Shockey is staying

It looks like you can expect Jeremy Shockey to be a New York Giant next season. So says Giants' GM Jerry Reese.

Reese told Newsday's Arthur Staple that he fully expects Shockey to be a Giant next season.

There has been plenty of discussion, here and elsewhere, about what the Giants should do with the supremely talented, yet emotional and often inconsistent tight end.

After all, we know that the Giants went on their historic Super Bowl run after Shockey, who was having an enigmatic season, was lost with a broken leg.

It stands to reason, many would argue, that since the Giants played better after he got hurt that they are a better team without Shockey.

Shockey and Eli Manning often seemed to miscommunicate throughout the season, and Shockey seemed frustrated. Yet, Manning called the theory that the Giants are better without Shockey "stupid."

I have thought about this a lot, and I would have to agree. Kevin Boss flashes a great deal of ability, and may one day approach the level Shockey is already on. Make no mistake, though, Shockey commands a different type of respect and attention from opposing defenses. He had 57 catches thru 14 games, in what can be considered a bad year for him. He is also a tremendous blocker.

You have to love the fire he plays with, and the enthusiasm he shows when things are going well. I would like to see him tone down the histrionics when things don't go his way, and perhaps he will now that he knows he is playing for a team that won a Super Bowl with him watching from a suite.

Provided his leg heals in time I also think he needs to spend more off-season time in New Jersey working with Manning. No one can prove that his miscommunications with the quarterback are a result of his working out in Miami during the off-season instead of with his team, but when things don't go well his off-season routine certainly doesn't help his case.

Another reason to keep Shockey is the financial hit the Giants would take should they release him.

According to Newsday, Shockey is due $2.225-million next season, with a $2.4-million reporting bonus. If he were to be released and designated a post-June 1 cut, the Giants would reportedly take a salary cap hit of $3.5 million.

Anyway, it looks safe to keep those Shockey posters and No. 80 jerseys. Unless something extraordinary comes along, it looks like Shockey will be around for a while.