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Wednesday Walk Around the League

Throughout the off-season I will try to touch on what is going on around the league every so often. At times I've done a 'Wednesday Walk Around the League,' and I think it's time to bring that back.

So, let's take a look around at what is making news throughout the league.

• Commissioner Roger Goodell is meeting with Sen. Arlen Specter today to discuss Spygate. I'll be the first one to admit I enjoyed watching the Patriots get nailed in the Spygate mess, but c'mon Sen. Specter, I'm sure you have better ways to spend your time.

• If you haven't been enjoying the various Chris Berman videos that have hit the Inter-Google recently where have you been? Search 'ampex2000' on YouTube if you haven't seen them. Anyway, ESPN has finally come to Berman's defense.

Here is some of ESPN's statement.

"The off air videos are now nearly a decade old and do not reflect his typical workplace demeanor, his relationships with co-workers, nor the contributions he has made to ESPN over many years. Chris has a tremendous connection with sports fans and his body of work should not be judged by a few minutes of unguarded language uttered years ago."

I don't care how they spin it, this whole mess is embarrassing for Berman and ESPN. The only people enjoying it are us bloggers and all the Berman-bashers who think he's an egotistical moron. Yes, that would include me.

• Peter King says Bill Parcells and the Miami Dolphins have set themselves up to be major players this off-season.

• It's really insanely early to be making predictions for next season, but Clark Judge of CBS Sportsline is out with five team he thinks will take big steps forward in 2008. All I can say is his list includes the Arizona Cardinals, which means it's pretty much nonsense.

• The Giants' upset of New England is Super Bowl XLII goes down as one of the biggest in Super Bowl history. The road the Giants faced to win the title may have been the toughest ever traversed by a Super Bowl champion. Cold, Hard Football Facts

• For all you fans of Delaware QB Joe Flacco, SB Nation's Mocking the Draft has a scouting report on Flacco and some thoughts on where he will go in the draft. By the way, all you draftniks should make Mocking the Draft a daily stop for the next few months.

• Just like Daniel Snyder's Redskins do every off-season, they are apparently in pursuit of big-name talent already. Chad Johnson or Lance Briggs, anyone? Oh, and how many big-name, egotistical superstars do you see the Super Bowl champion Giants collecting, Mr. Snyder?