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Friday link dump

First, my apologies. I have been traveling this week and haven't been able to give you guys the volume of stuff I would have liked to.

That said, let's take a look around and see what is being written and said about Super Bowl XLII at this point.

The big news, and the biggest concern for the Giants, is the condition of Plaxico Burress. He has "swelling and soreness" in his left knee that kept him out of practice Thursday. Obviously, the Giants need an effective Burress Sunday.

Our own 'jrs1940' is getting some special attention from Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger. All I can say is Garafolo is one ugly dude.

New England's ancient linebacker Junior Seau has seen a lot of great players, and he thinks Ahmad Bradshaw will become one of them.

Here is some of what Seau had to say about the Giants' rookie.

"He's not showing all his game. He's got a great upside," Seau said. "He hasn't played a full season. There's more to his game than you think. He's going to be a great player."

Ex-Giant backup QB Tim Hasselbeck says the Giants are better off without injured Jeremy Shockey around. New York Post

Michael Strahan is enjoying his Super Bowl experience this time around.

Ernie Palladino of the Journal News has an in-depth look at the continued growth of Eli Manning.