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Panthers at Giants moved to Sunday Night

What has suddenly become a very big game just got a little bigger.

From The Blue Screen:

Giants-Panthers flexed to night game

Bundle up, Giants fans. It’s going to be cold at Giants Stadium late at night on Dec. 21.

To no one’s surprise, NBC just announced that it has “flexed” the Giants’ game against the Carolina Panthers scheduled for that day. The game between the Giants (11-2) and the Panthers (10-3) will likely be the determining factor in the race for home-field advantage and the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

The network was apparently considering other games, but once the Panthers hammered the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football last night, NBC’s decision was pretty easy. The Giants still control their own destiny in the race for home field, but they only lead the Panthers by one game and this matchup will determine the tie-breaker advantage.

The Giants, of course, also play on Sunday Night Football this Sunday night in Dallas. Since the Carolina game will be their fourth game on NBC this season, that guarantees the Giants’ season finale in Minnesota will not be moved to Sunday night. Each team is permitted only four appearances on Sunday Night Football each year.

There’s still a possibility that the Giants-Vikings game could be moved by Fox to 4 p.m., but since it’s in Minnesota I’m guessing that won’t matter much to most of you.