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A bonus '5 Questions' segment

The folks from 'A Cowboy Nation,' a relatively new Dallas Cowboys blog, reached out to me recently about trading questions. I always love to do that, so I was happy to oblige.

Before I give you their answers to my questions I thought I would share one of the questions they asked me, and the response I gave. I am probably risking getting all the Cowboy fans all worked up, but I want to share it, anyway. This is, after all, a Giants site and I know members of Big Blue View Nation will enjoy it. Besides which, I wouldn't have given this answer if I didn't believe it.

Here it is.

Cowboy Nation: From a Giants fan's perspective how do you describe the rivalry with the Cowboys?

Big Blue View: Simple. GIANTS FANS HATE THE COWBOYS MORE THAN ANY OTHER TEAM. And yes, I meant to put that in caps. Fact is, the Cowboys have done absolutely nothing since 1996 and yet what we hear from Cowboy fans on our site all the time is about how the Cowboys are better, the Giants are just lucky, blah, blah, blah. We are tired of it. We have been to the Super Bowl twice, with one championship, since the last time Dallas won a playoff game. I always hear 'woulda, coulda, shoulda' from Cowboys fans. Fact is, the Giants DID. So, until the Cowboys do something it's not even an argument worth having.

Now, without further comment (my guess is you guys will have plenty to say) let me give you the '5 Questions' with 'A Cowboy Nation.'

BBV: Sunday's loss was a very difficult one for the 'Boys, obviously. Do you think they bounce back and make the playoffs, or are they in a lot of trouble?

Cowboy Nation: If there is one thing this team has shown this year it is that when their backs are against the wall they respond! So I have no reason to doubt that they will not this time. However I will say that I am a little more skeptical of them this time. Not because I do not feel they can step up but more so because of the way they lost the Pittsburgh game. Nobody thought they could go into Pittsburgh in December against the number one defense in the league and play with them. So when you put on the type of performance that they did on Sunday and have a ten point lead with eight minutes to go, only to give them the game wrapped with a bow on it. I wonder how many more pitfalls this team can stand.

BBV: You asked me about the Giants-Cowboys rivalry from my perspective. Let me turn the tables. How do you see this rivalry from a Dallas fan's perspective?

Cowboy Nation: I have a lot of respect for a lot of the people within their organization, however with all the respect I have for them does not make me like them anymore! I can honestly say in my 35 years of existence there has only been one player that I truly liked that played for the Giants, Lawrence Taylor. The games themselves are some of the best games, because everyone lays it on the line in this series. Even when one team is clearly better than the other, they seem to always fight each other to the death!

BBV: If the Cowboys fall short of the playoffs, is there any chance Wade Phillips keeps his job?

Cowboy Nation: Not a chance! And that is really a shame. Now don’t get me wrong this guy has made his share of mistakes, and I myself have been hard on him and at one point even called for him to be fired. What has changed my opinion of him is that when everyone including J.J. was demanding something be done to right the ship while Romo was out, he never wavered he simply went to work and made the necessary repairs. He is really a likeable guy sometimes too much so, and in the end this will probably be what seals his fate. Jason Garrett will be our Head Coach when that happens but he is not ready yet.

BBV: When you analyze the Giants, what worries you most about them?

Cowboy Nation: On the offensive side of the ball the only thing that really “worries” me about them is their running game, obviously after giving up two hundred yards in the first meeting. I am not trying to knock the Giants but that is the only aspect of their offense that concerns me, I am not a big fan of Elisha! He is an average QB, and a perfect fit for New York because they do not need a great QB just someone who can give the ball to Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward. As far as their defense goes, everything about them worries me! When you can lose your top two pass rushers and nothing change, that just blows me away! They may not have all the numbers to prove it but I would put them on same level with Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

BBV: A question I love to ask, especially from someone I have never traded questions with before. If you could take one player off the Giants and put him on your team, who would it be? Why?

Cowboy Nation: Justin Tuck. Just the thought of Demarcus Ware and Justin Tuck lining up on the same side gets me weak in the knees! That guy is a beast! We have not gotten the play out of our D-Ends that I was hoping for. He would be a significant upgrade.

Thanks to the folks at 'A Cowboy Nation' for a fun exchange. Feel free to drop over their to see all of my answers to their questions. Remember, though, behave yourselves. Keep it friendly here, at ACN and over at 'Blogging the Boys,' where I know some of you will be visiting this week.