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Thoughts From The Armchair: NFC East Champs Edition


Some thoughts from me on yesterday's game:

  • I know I am beating a dead horse, but Kevin, Kevin, slipped back into "Madden 09" play-calling yesterday. What was with the fancy toss plays? Pound, pound, pound. Trying to run to the outside all day played to the Eagles' strength.
  • Moose, we get it, you don't like the Giants, but you are doing your viewers a disservice when you gush about the Eagles for 3 hours like they are 12-1. Giants played like absolute garbage yesterday, and were still within a short and curly of stealing it. Either get over the fact Jerry Jones doesn't sign your checks anymore, or go work for ESPN.
  • Hix, you've been handed the keys to the kingdom, gotta get your head in the castle, son. Dropping that touchdown pass, inexcusable, Eli can't throw em' any better than that. That bobble on the punt could have been disastrous, too. We know you have talent, get out there and show them.
  • I've decided it's no longer therapeutic to talk about bad officiating.
  • I'm not buying into the "teams are figuring the Giants out" nonsense. It's baloney. If the other 31 teams don't know what the Giants are about, they have no business collecting a paycheck. Teams have been trying to beat the Giants for weeks by keying the run, and Eli made them all pay. Yesterday was just a bad day, and I would be very surprised if they don't respond well next week.
  • Brandon, you gotta get healthy bro. Same with you Aaron, watching you two guys limp off every week is frustrating.
  • One more thing on the announcers yesterday: After spending 40 minutes talking about how the Eagles had the wind in the first quarter, why would they think the Giants called time out before the end of the 1st quarter to let the Eagles kick with the wind? Dumb.
  • By the way, going "with the wind" has little meaning at Giants Stadium. The wind at the top of the stadium is rarely blowing the same way at field level this time of year. Case in point: Sav Rocca hits a punt "with the wind" for 30 yards in the first quarter, while Feagles hits one for 42 "against the wind".
  • NFC East Champs. Not bad for a franchise that has never won more than 8 games following a Super Bowl appearance. Enjoy it, click the "Fan Shop" link on the left, buy a "NFC East Champs T-shirt", and relax guys. There isn't one fan in football who wouldn't trade positions with us.

Three quick NFL thoughts:

  • Ben Roethlisberger was running for his life on every play last night. Props to him and the Steelers for finding a way to win that game.
  • A funny thing happened on the way to the Jet dynasty, huh?
  • I saw the last 10 minutes of the Cardinals game yesterday. Shame on you, Cardinal fans, for going home early and not being in the stadium to watch your team celebrate its first division title in 33 years. Don't give me all this "Protect The Nest" BS when your stadium is half empty at the end of a game that sees the Cards win their first title in the desert. Apologies to the good people at Revenge of the Birds, but Cards fans have to do better than that.