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'5 Questions' with Bleeding Green Nation


We have not done a '5 Questions' segment in a couple of weeks. It is one of my favorites, but it seems some of the bloggers for other sites have grown weary of it.

Anyway, we have a '5 Questions' this week with JasonB of 'Bleeding Green Nation,' our outstanding Philadelphia Eagles blog. Be sure you head over there for a look at my answers to his questions.

I have noticed lots of new folks joining Big Blue View lately, and that is great. Just remember what I expect around here. When you visit BGN, play nice. Debates are cool, vicious arguments and name-calling are not.

Anyway, on with the show.

Big Blue View: I know that you expected your team to be better than 6-5-1 and in last place in the division at this point. Can you put your finger on what has gone wrong?

Bleeding Green Nation: It hasn't been any one thing. Injuries have been partly to blame, especially in the loss to Chicago. Play-calling/coaching has been a big factor with the Eagles offense being more pass heavy this year than I can ever remember. The lack of commitment to the run has led to an inability to run the ball which has affected goal line and short yardage play... Lack of inconsistency from the QB has been a problem. We've seen some games were McNabb has looked like he did in his prime, and other games where he was bad he's gotten benched! The defense has been inconsistent. They're feast or famine.

If i had to pick one reason out of all those... I'd put most of my blame on the coach.

BBV: I used to believe Andy Reid was an elite coach. I really don't think so anymore. If the Eagles don't rally and somehow make the playoffs is Reid done as Philadelphia coach?

BGN: Let me reprahse your question. If the Eagles miss the playoffs do most fans(me included) think Reid should be done as coach? Yes. Would ownership agree? I highly doubt it.

Reid's playcalling this year has been mind boggling at times. You all saw it. Donovan McNabb was playing fantastic in the second half of that Giants game, he'd thrown 3 TDs, and was leading the team down the field on that final drive... and Reid runs the ball on 3rd/4th and one to no avial. We hadn't been able to run the ball all game, we are a pass first team, McNabb was looking good... and he runs twice. Inexplicable.

Last week, the Eagles offense was much more balanced with more of an emphasis on the run and they put up 48 points... while Marty Morninwheg, not Reid, was calling the plays. Fingers crossed that Reid lets Marty take the reigns this weekend as well. The last time Marty was given the playcalling duties was late in 2006. I'm sure you guys remember that.

3. I can ask the same question about Donovan McNabb. He's played brilliantly at times, and been booed and benched at other times. If the Eagles don't make the playoffs will McNabb be back as quarterback, or will they trade him and begin to rebuild?

BGN: I think the fans and ownership are a little closer on this issue than the coaching issue. I do believe that if McNabb doesn't have a great stretch run here that he'll probably be gone. He's scheduled to make around 9 million next year. So unless he shows he worth that kind of cap space, I think they'll use that 9 million elsewhere and move ahead with Kevin Kolb.

BBV: You obviously know about the Plaxico Burress situation. If the Giants eventually decide to cut him loose, I think the greatest fear Giants fans have is that Burress could wind up on an NFC East team. Would the Eagles, who can use help at wide receiver, be a team that would take a chance on Burress?

BGN: I don't think they would. The Eagles have pretty for the most part stayed away from guys like that. The times they have taken a chance on guys with a criminal history, it's always been with young guys in the draft. Everyone will point to Terrell Owens... but the fact is that Owens might be a complete jerk but he's never been in trouble with the law. I think if there's any team in the division likely to pick him up it's cellblock C down there in Dallas. Especially after they realize what a waste the king's ransom they gave up for Roy Williams was. If you're famous and you've got a record... Jerry Jones would like to speak with you.

BBV: OK, my favorite question -- and one I haven't asked in a while. If you could take one player off the Giants roster and put him in your lineup who would it be?

BGN: I'm one these guys that believes it all starts up front. You can have the best QB, RB, WRs in the world but if you can't block for them they aren't going to help you. So I'm going to say RG Chris Snee. Jon Runyan might very well be in his last year and I believe the Eagles plan is to move pro bowl RG Shawn Andrews out to RT to replace him. I think sliding Snee in a RG and Andrews out to RT would be the best right side in football for the next 6 or 7 years.

Final Thoughts: I am a little surprised Jason took Snee as the player he would like to have. Considering the Eagles lack of a power runnning game I thought he might take Brandon Jacobs, who would be a great compliment to Brian Westbrook. ... I was also interested in his heavy criticism of Andy Reid. For a guy who used to be considered an elite coach, this guy's star sure has fallen.