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Wednesday Walk Around the NFL: Goodbye 2008 Edition


Good Morning Giants fans, as we say goodbye to 2008, let's take one last look at the stories making headlines around the NFL before we usher in 2009:

Final NFL thoughts:

All the names being tossed around for available jobs, and still no mention of Jim Fassel. He had run his course with the Giants, no doubt about that, but I still find it strange he never got another head coaching job.

"The Wildcat" is fun to watch, and the Dolphins do it very well. How do you game plan for that on defense when you never know what the Dolphins are going to do? It seems like they never do the same thing twice.

Finally, on this day, I will quote Colonel Potter from M*A*S*H:

"Here's to the New Year, may she be a damn sight better than the old one"

I wish all of you the healthiest and happiest New Year, thank you to Ed for the opportunity to share my thoughts on the Giants and everything else, and I thank all of you for actually reading what I write.

Onward to 2009!