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New York Giants' notes, 12.30.08


Let's get away from the Steve Spagnuolo speculation for a little bit and see what else is going on around the New York Giants right now as they rest and get ready to defend their Super Bowl title.

  • Ralph Vacchiano points out that Plaxico Burress' suspension has ended, technically, but doesn't expect him around the Giants during the playoffs. A bigger concern to the Giants, Vacchiano points out, is that they aren't certain Brandon Jacobs will practice at all during the next two weeks. I didn't realize Jacobs came out of the Carolina game that banged up.
  • Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride is on the short list of candidates for the Oakland Raiders' head coaching job. Say what you want about Gilbride, but losing both coordinators in the same off-season is not a recipe for success the following season.
  • The Giants and Titans are favored to reach the Super Bowl.
  • ESPN's Matt Mosley is out with his NFC East evaluations. Interestingly, he couldn't bring himself to give the Cowboys an 'F.'
  • Bill Barnwell of Football Outsiders says Derrick Ward was the NFL's most effective running back in 2008.
  • Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports says 2008 was the year of the Giants in the NFL.