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Random thoughts while laughing at the Cowboys


Here are a few of my thoughts on the final weekend of the regular season.

  • How much fun was it watching the Dallas Cowboys completely implode Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles? The clueless look on Wade Phillips' face most of the game was priceless. Matt Mosley of ESPN wonders if Jerry Jones has any choice but to fire Phillips and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. From a Giants' fans perspective, visiting Blogging the Boys has never been more fun. Here is a link to a great Ryan Parker song picking on the Cowboys.
  • One other reason to thank the Eagles for winning Sunday is that means Andy Reid will be back next season, taking a head-coaching possibility away from Steve Spagnuolo. On the flip side, the Eagles looked scary good on Sunday, running the ball and playing dominating defense.
  • Brett Favre needs to retire. He was awful Sunday against Miami, throwing three horrible interceptions and looking like, well, like an old man. Even if Favre wants to play next season, the Jets are foolish to hand him the keys again. He's just not very good anymore.
  • Congratulations to the 0-16 Detroit Lions! if you are going to be bad, you might as well be historically bad. Detroit's 31-21 loss to Green Bay Sunday guarantees that the Lions will go down as one of the worst teams the NFL has ever seen. Great quote from a Lions fan. "They’ve never stunk as well as they’re stinking this year.”
  • The New England-Buffalo game Sunday was ridiculous, with winds that reminded me of last year's Giants game in Buffalo. Pats' kicker Stephen Gostkowski missed a 26-yard field goal into the wind that didn't even reach the goal posts. Buffalo kicker Rian Lindell missed a 47-yarder wide right by at least 15 yards. Amazingly, he started the kick outside the left crossbar.
  • Tennessee got shut out by Indianapolis, 23-0. At least the Giants showed up to play in their season finale.
  • John Kasay of the Carolina Panthers nailed a game-winning field goal Sunday. That's a week too late to get Carolina home-field advantage, though.
  • Scary time for the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, watching Ben Roethlisberger lay motionless on the field after taking a huge hit. Big Ben suffered a concussion, and Steeler fans are breathing easier knowing he will be ready in two weeks when the team opens its playoff run.
  • I got a kick out of Dan Marino mentioning on air that he still held the single-season passing yardage record after Drew Brees fell 15 yards short Sunday.
  • The Cleveland Browns wasted no time jettisoning GM Phil Savage. That's no surprise.