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Eli Manning Milestones

I was looking over Eli's career stats and realized today is a milestone day for Eli Manning. Breaking it down, here are some notable achievements within reach for Number 10:

  • His completion percentage for the year is currently 60.4, which would far exceed his previous best of 57.7 in 2006. Coaches have told Eli that they want his percentage right around 60.
  • He will finish with the lowest number of INT's in his career. He currently has 10, the next lowest is 17, and even with Darren Sharper on the other side tomorrow, the numbers won't even be close.
  • His QB rating is currently 86.9, easily his career best.
  • Eli's average yards per pass is 6.8, which would tie his career best, set in 2005.
  • By the time Eli sits down tomorrow, he will have about 470 pass attempts, easily his career low. That arm will have plenty of juice left for January and hopefully February.
  • Eli has only fumbled 5 times this year, down from 13 last year. Only 2 of those fumbles were lost, down from 7 last year. 5 fumbles is also a career low for Eli in a full season.
  • Eli will finish his 4th consecutive season without a missed start.
  • 4 TD passes would give Eli a career high of 25, but somehow I don't think that will happen.

Just a few signs of the further growth of our Super Bowl MVP Pro Bowl QB.

And oh yeah, if Eli throws for 644 yards tomorrow, it will be a career high. Time for a little "Air Gilbride".