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Thoughts from the Armchair: Home for the Holidays Edition


Some thoughts from me on last night's game:

  • Thank God the Giants are done with night games this year. I had to pop a Xanax to go to sleep last night. Last week I was too ticked off about losing to Dallas, last night I was too wired from the win. Next week, 1 p.m. game, just the way I like it.
  • Antonio Pierce is becoming a liability.
  • Congrats to Eli Manning for setting the record for consecutive starts by a Giants QB, no small feat in today's NFL.
  • DeAngelo, who's quiet now? By the way buddy, you know what you can do with that finger.


  • Jimmy Johnson was right: The Giants can win without Burress, they can win without Jacobs, they can't win without both.
  • The Giants defensive backs have the worst hands in football
  • When I think about Brandon Jacobs' contract negotiations, I think of Peter from "The Family Guy", "Sir, I am going to hand you a blank check, please write whatever amount you feel is necessary and I will sign it."
  • I still don't think "with the wind" or "against the wind" applies at Giants Stadium.
  • Was it me or did it seem like the Panthers started almost every drive on the 50?
  • Over the years, there will always be Giant wins and losses that I'll never forget, last night will definitely become one of them. It's truly one of the most satisfying wins I can remember. With all of the doubt surrounding this team for the last few weeks, for them to come out and find a way to win this game, truly memorable.
  • To my knowledge, the Giants have only had home field throughout twice, 1986 and 2000, and both years the Giants made it all the way to the Super Bowl.
  • The Giants are back. It's Christmas, life is good.

Quickies from around the NFL:

  • I watched the entire Cards-Pats game; I can never resist a snow game. It was painfully obvious from the opening kickoff that the Cardinals wanted nothing to do with that game; they didn't want to be out there in the snow and the cold. The Cardinals may be one of the worst playoff teams of all time.
  • The Jets.......*snicker*. I will be rooting hard for Miami this Sunday, Chad Pennington deserves it.
  • So, I guess now the Eagles are the 8-6-1 team no one wants to play? I'd be curious to ask all those Eagle fans from two weeks ago if they still don't want to trade places with us.
  • Wow, can't wait to see next week's thrilling edition of Sunday Night Football as the Broncos travel to San Diego to figure out who sucks just a little bit less.