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Giants Notebook, 12-2

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It wasn't easy to find Giant notes not related to Number 17, but here are a few:

A few notes and quotes from around the Giants:

  • Domenic Hixon caught 5 passes against the Redskins; each one of them resulted in a first down.
  • WR Amani Toomer displayed the proper perspective on this season so far. "We are the defending Super Bowl champions," he said, "and we are the team all the others are chasing, so it is important that we don't let up and allow people to catch up with us." Toomer had five catches for 85 yards and a 40-yard TD in the first quarter.
  • DT Fred Robbins missed his first game of the season with a jammed shoulder that bothered him two weeks ago and did not totally clear up. Alford, a second-year player, had two tackles and one tackle for a loss. Robbins, who has 51/2 sacks and 10 tackles for losses, is expected to play this week against Philadelphia.
  • The Giants are 18-3 dating back to this day in 2007, including the playoffs. I went back over their history, and the only better one year run I can find is November 3rd 1929 to November 3rd, 1930, when they were on a 16-2 tear, but they did not win the 1929 NFL Championship, which was awarded to the 1st place team in those days, and it went to the Green Bay Packers who were 12-0.
  • The Giants can tie an NFL record on Sunday with a win over the Eagles. Only three other teams in NFL history have posted a streak of six or more wins, all against winning teams: the 1970 Vikings (7), 2007 Colts (6), and 1972 Redskins (6).

Parting Thought:

At the beginning of the season, I predicted the Giants would finish around 11-5. At this point, it certainly seems like they are going to well exceed that. But I can't help thinking that with the way this team is wired that it would benefit them greatly if they have one more "stinker" in them before season end. This team has shown time and time again that they bounce back well, and I just think a "come back to earth" game might be beneficial in the long run, it would just help serve as a reminder that they haven't won anything yet, and just help them "reset" their focus somewhat.