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Remember, we're all on the same side

There has been lots of tremendous debate -- both for and against keeping Plaxico Burress -- here at Big Blue View for the past few days. Passionate, heartfelt arguments on both sides.

That's the good stuff. That's what makes Big Blue View a great place for New York Giants fans -- well-reasoned, thoughtful, intelligent debate.

Unfortunately, I have also seen a few posts I have been less than thrilled with. I don't care which side of this issue you fall on, name-calling and personal attacks are not going to be tolerated.

I have seen posts calling other Giants' fans "cowards" because they disagreed with the commenters' opinion. I have seen posts simply stating that an opinion someone had rendered was "stupid."

That kind of stuff is not going to fly, gang.

Let's remember this. No matter what your opinion is in this instance, we are all here because we love the New York Giants. We all want the team to win, though we may differ on how they should get there. We all enjoy being part of this growing community.

We are all friends here. Ultimately, we are all on the same side -- the side of the Giants. So, act like it.