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New York Giants' notebook, 12.19.08


Here are some New York Giants' notes on a Friday morning.

  • It is expected to be a miserable weather weekend here in the Northeast, and the Giants are bracing themselves for it.
  • Old-timers John Carney and Jeff Feagles getting a kick out of Pro Bowl selections
  • I recently had a chance to speak with Jason Cole, co-author of Plaxico Burress' autobiography, 'Giant: The Road to the Super Bowl.' Cole did an extensive interview with Gelf Magazine recently about Burress. Honestly, I know we are all tired of the Burress story, but it's a must read for Giants fans. In a passage from the book, Burress discusses guns and Sean Taylor's death.
  • "something like that can happen so fast and you could be gone. We're football players and people look at us with jealousy." He verges into some acute paranoia, telling Cole he "can't relax for a minute." Among other things, "who wants to live like that? Who wants to live in fear? Who wants to constantly, 24/7, be worrying about how I didn't lock my door or I didn't turn my alarm on? Who is walking behind me? Or I can't go here. I don't want to live like that…I want to live as close to a normal life as I can. I have several guns and I had them before Sean got killed—a long time before that." Perhaps most ironically, speaking about his guns, Burress tells Cole that he "can get to them with all the lights out, blindfolded. I can go get them in all situations…I have two guns that I can take apart myself and put back together. I know them backward and forward. I have to."
    Here is an interesting quote from Cole about Jacobs.
    I think Burress is a person trying to get to a better life, but I don't think he has a lot of the skills required to get there.
  • Here is Brandon Jacobs pleading his case for being allowed to play Sunday against Carolina.