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Eli, and some promotion


Here are a few notes for a Thursday afternoon.

Time for a little bit of self-promotion.

  • If any of you guys are 'Twitter' users, Big Blue View is now available on Twitter. I'm old and I guess I don't get the whole 'Twitter' appeal, but if you are into it, now you can get it.
  • Big Blue View Nation now has more than 500 registered members. If you're a 'lurker' and you have been checking out the site now is a great time to join. It's also a great time to be a Giants' fan, so sign up and get in on the conversation.
  • Even more self-promotion. I know you guys can't get enough of me, which is why you always stop by and check out my writing about the Yankees over at Bugs & Cranks. Well, I have launched another site, Valentine's Views, which will be more personal and professional in nature. A little sports, a little life, a little about writing. Whatever I am in the mood for. Stop by and check it out.
  • Final thing. Don't forget to use the 'Buzz Up,' 'Digg' and 'Facebook' links at the bottom of many of the posts to promote the stuff you like. It helps grow the site, and I do appreciate it.