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NFL Picks Week 16, Thursday Edition: 'Greek' says ...


From the 'you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone' department, being without power for four days and Internet for 5+ has definitely given me a new appreciation for both. I am still playing catch-up here, and will combine my missing results from last week's games, with the updated playoff picture and other bits and pieces.

Of course, you are seeing this article today because this week we have football tonight, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Luckily the league decided that for the final week of the season, every game will be played on Sunday at either 1 or 4. Finally, some semblance of sanity will return to the NFL schedule.

Despite all of the problems people have had here with the Giants play over the last two weeks, and the gloom and doom predictions from the media, be thankful you’re not a Jets fan. There are two games left in the season, the Jets are in first place, and guess who’s talking about his retirement plans again? That’s right, my favorite player and yours, Brett Favre. With the playoffs within their grasp, and everything within their control, this diva decides that now is the time to talk about his plans for next year. Favre’s been pulling this crap for nearly a decade now, and enough is enough. If you want to leave, go. If not, shut the eff up and play these last two games and try to get into the playoffs.

We got our annual joke of a Pro Bowl selection process completed earlier than ever this past week. Why even play this game anymore? Here’s an idea. No one wants to play in this game, no one wants to watch this game with the possible exception of degenerate gamblers (not that I’d know anything about that, but I’d take the ‘over’ this year), and it’s basically a joke.

So, make the Pro Bowl selections an honorary thing like the All-Pro selections, the all-iron team, the galloping gobbler, and any other stupid award that the NFL can get some bankrupt car company to sponsor. Then take the stadium in Hawaii, and make that one of the "international games" that the NFL wants so much. Will any team complain about losing a home game to Hawaii instead of England or Germany? I tend to doubt it, and if the area can support a game as trivial as the Pro Bowl, I think they can fill up a stadium to watch the Chargers or some other West Coast team play a meaningful game.

As for the playoff picture, things are finally starting to clear up as the teams that have been clinging onto their playoff hopes over these past couple of weeks have started to fall by the wayside.

The AFC Playoff picture looks like this:



Control their own destiny:

NY Jets

Need help:

New England
San Diego

The NFC picture:


NY Giants

Control their own destiny:

Tampa Bay

Need Help:


And the pick for tonight:

Indianapolis at Jacksonville (+6.5)

Last week: 9-6-1
Season: 114-104-6

[EDITOR'S NOTE: My apologies to 'Gree,' who did manage to get picks to me last week. I could not get them on the site, though, because of the power outage. Also, has a nice graphic detailing the playoff picture if you want to check it out.