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More evening Giants' notes

Thank goodness the Giants took a pass on Joe Horn. A diva throughout his career, Horn is still acting like one, ripping the Giants after being sent away without a contract.

From Ralph Vacchiano:

“I was told to pack my clothes because I may be staying,” Horn told The Monty Show on Sporting News Radio earlier today. “I had a great workout, I thought. I ran crisp routes and didn’t drop any balls and I did what I was asked to do. It seemed like the coaches liked it.

“However, before I could step in the locker room I had an itinerary with my flight back to Atlanta. The opportunity was there. I appreciate the organization and Coach Coughlin for giving me the opportunity. But honestly I kind of felt like I was brought into give those young guys a spark to say, ‘Hey, I know you’ve got a job, but you can be replaced.’ So I think it kind of boosted and gave those young guys a spark to let them know that Joe Horn was there and their playing time could be taken if they don’t get their act together.”

Tough, Joe. Have a nice life.

  • The Giants have signed linebacker Edmund Miles to replace Jonathan Goff, who was placed on IR. Mike Garafolo says Miles comes with a reputation of being excellent on coverage teams, where the Giants can use the help.
  • QUICK THOUGHT: Let's not get all crazy about these signings, and about guys working out. It's very late in the season, guys get hurt, the best players have been taken from practice squads, and you have to have somebody to fill roster spots when guys go down. These guys are not going to the ones who make or break the Giants push for another Super Bowl title.