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Wednesday Walk Around the NFL 12-17


Good Morning Giants fans, it's time to take a look at some of the stories making headlines around the NFL:

  • We've talked about the bad officiating a lot this season, and we've certainly seen plenty of it, but Don Banks from SI says don't expect it to change.
  • So ummmm, yeah this guy is not a fan of Brett Favre.
  • Shutdown Corner wonders how Raiders coach Tom Cable can be upset about coaches wanting to leave Oakland.
  • Matt Birk of the Vikings gets the "Good Guy Award" this week, and I hope enough players follow his lead.
  • says the Eagles were lucky it was the Browns they were playing Monday night.
  • Jerry Porter made the most expensive 11 catches we may ever see.
  • Finally, this is something fun from the Sporting News, it is a playoff simulator. You slot the teams where you think they will finish, and it uses the Accuscore system to simulate the games. I played with this for about a half hour last night, you never get the same results twice, and it even takes upsets into account. Basically, it is a time-killer at work, and there is nothing wrong with that.