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Wednesday Walk Around the NFL 12-10-08


Happy Wednesday Giants fans. Let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines around the NFL:

Some Final NFL Thoughts:

  • One good thing about the Giants being on SNF two weeks in a row: No Moose Johnston for at least two weeks. One bad thing: John Madden gushing about Tony Romo for 3 hours this Sunday.
  • Despite the fact that South Florida fans are among the worst in sports, I am seriously pulling for the Dolphins to win the AFC East, and I want it to happen the last week of the season at Giants Stadium when the Dolphins play the Jets.

One Final Un-NFL Thought:

  • The Mets signed Francisco Rodriguez. Five more relievers and they got themselves a bullpen.

Giants related (maybe) update 8:15 AM:

The Lions cut CB Brian Kelly yesterday. Kelly visited with the Giants in the off-season before signing with the Lions. It bears watching, especially with Aaron Ross banged up. Props to Mike Garafolo for pointing this out.