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Tyree on Injured Reserve

The Giants have placed Super Bowl hero David Tyree on injured reserve, according to Mike Garafolo.

That's unfortunate, but I have been anticipating that news for a while now.

Here is what coach Tom Coughlin had to say about the move.

"It's something that, when he started the season on PUP, we felt that at some point in time he would be ready to go," Coughlin said. "The unfortunate part of this is, over the three-week period when we could utilize David and he could build up conditioning and do all the things necessary, he was really unable to do that for the majority of the time because of the hamstring." ...

"He actually took it very well," Coughlin said when asked if Tyree protested. "He understood the position we were in, understood what he would be asked to do right away and didn't necessarily think he could do that in a reasonable amount of time. We had a good conversation and I think we were both at the same point when we sat down."

Your reaction to the move?