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Giants' bandwagon is getting crowded

Lots of great reaction stuff from all over the place in the wake of the New York Giants' 35-24 dismantling of the Dallas Cowboys Sunday.

Let's look around and see what is being written and said.

  • Steve Serby of the New York Post must read Big Blue View. He also wrote this morning that Sunday's game wasn't a fair fight.

This is the way bullies do it when the guy on the other side is a 98-pound weakling. This is the way bullies do it when a cowboy shows up to a gunfight with a water pistol. This is the way bullies do it when the other guy shows up with a gaping wound and they smell blood.

Bully for the Big Blue Bullies.

Now that the Giants have disposed of the Cowboys, who were inept in their third game without Tony Romo, they can start to focus on the much bigger issue: repeating in Tampa. The Cowboys must get on a run to make it as a wild card, then hope they can duplicate what the Giants did and become road warriors in the playoffs.

The Giants have demonstrated they have not fallen into the Super Bowl championship trap of coming back the next season with a lack of fire. The best they've done in the season after their three previous Super Bowl seasons was 8-8.

"To hold that trophy up, it makes you want to go back more than it did before you got there," said defensive end Justin Tuck, who picked up 2-1/2 sacks against the ghastly combination of Brad Johnson and Brooks Bollinger. "You didn't know what it felt like. Now you know what it feels like, you want to feel it again."

But repeating usually happens only once a decade. "It doesn't have anything to do with us," Tuck said. "Didn't New England go back and do it again? So why can't we do the same?"

The 35-14 spanking the New York Giants gave Dallas on Sunday reinforced what we already knew.

The Giants (7-1) appear well en route to defending their Super Bowl title and — sorry, Tennessee — have emerged as the best all-around team at the season's midway point.

"They're every bit the team we thought they were," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said after the game in his team's locker room. "They treated us like they were world champions and we were in a different league."

Like the XFL.

I think it amazes me, watching the best size-speed back in football, Brandon Jacobs, that he's getting only 16 rushes a game for the best team in football, the Giants. Imagine what he'd do with 25 carries. But then I see what Derrick Ward is doing with Jacobs collectively, and I understand. Through eight games, they've combined for 203 carries for 1,117 yards for 5.5 yards a pop. That's a winning formula.

  • Tom Coughlin, of course, found something to be unhappy about even after his team hammered the Cowboys. Here is the full transcript of his press conference.

The only thing that is the real negative for me right now is the turnovers. The turnovers kind of take the heart right out of the game so to speak. The timing of those things were very bad and we haven’t been doing that, so it is something we do have to improve upon.