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ESPN: Burress wounded in shooting

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Guys, if the Dallas fans want to be idiots about this -- and they obviously do -- leave them alone. We know what they are, we know what they want, and I am asking you guys not to sink to their level. -- Ed]

Word-for-word from ESPN:

New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress suffered an accidental gunshot wound Friday night in a club, according to multiple sources.

Details of the incident weren't immediately available, but according to a source the wound was not considered life-threatening.

Holy cow! I have no idea how bad this is, or what the heck happened, but this is not good.

[UPDATE: According to Yahoo! Sports, Burress avoided serious injury and should be ready to play again before the season is over. “From everything I’ve heard, he was really lucky,” said a member of Burress’ family.]