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Random thoughts on food, football

Random thoughts a day after eating way too much great food (thanks to my lovely wife) and forcing myself to watch way too much really bad football.

  • Right now the Dallas Cowboys scare the hell out of me. We had some fun at the Cowboys expense when they looked to be in disarray earlier this season, but I'm not laughing right now. I know Seattle is terrible, but the Cowboys are 8-4, have won three straight and with Tony Romo healthy again Dallas looks like a completely different football team. Talent-wise the Cowboys always have been the NFC team that poses the biggest threat to the Giants. They are playing like a serious threat right now.
  • I have never been a big Matt Hasselbeck fan, but I gained a bunch of respect for the Seahawks veteran quarterback Thursday. He took a tremendous beating from the Cowboys yet he kept standing in and trying to make plays despite the fact that both the game and the season were lost causes for Seattle.
  • Thanks to the NFL Network I did not get to see the Philadelphia Eagles route the Arizona Cardinals. Seems to me, though, that all you have to do is look at the final score to know that the NFC West-leading Cardinals are nothing more than a playoff pretender who built a nice record beating up bad competition.
  • The 0-12 Detroit Lions might not be the worst team in NFL history. They sure as hell have to be in the conversation, though. Until I actually watched them play an entire game I had no idea just how disgustingly bad they really are. Tennessee scored 47 points, and the Titans could have scored 70 or 80 if they had needed to.
  • I wonder just how embarrassed Roger Goodell is today after serving up three horrendous football games for Thanksgiving.
  • Just thought I would mention that the Giants face the Washington Redskins Sunday. It's Friday, and I can't remember if the Redskins have even been mentioned once this week here at Big Blue View. It's my site, it's quite possibly my fault, and I find it amazing. Friday, and it's the first time we have even mentioned having a game with a division rival. Wow!

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